Madeira has a lot to offer for food lovers, here are just few of the fabulous foods you can find during your stay in this beautiful island.

 The simple food enjoyed in Madeira Islands reflects the soul of a simple but generous people. Nevertheless, a great variety of local products are available, as well as multitude of local, international and gourmet dishes.  

Owing to their proximity to the sea, most restaurants specialise in fish and shellfish dishes, of which grilled limpets, octopus and shrimp dishes, tuna steaks and black scabbard fish fillets are just a few examples.

Another irresistible meal is the beef kebab, on laurel wood skewers, served with fried corn and the typical “bolo-do-caco”, with garlic butter.

Homemade couscous, wheat soup, homemade bread made with sweet potato and meat marinated in garlic and wine are also very popular dishes.

Tropical fruits lend their exotic flavours to a great number of desserts. Mangoes, bananas, avocadoes, soursops and passionfruit are used in a great variety of puddings, soufflés, mousses and ice creams.
Madeira Island also boasts a rich confectionery tradition, with special emphasis on the most typical Madeira confection, the traditional “Honey Cake”, a true Christmas symbol in Madeira. Its recipe includes many rich and delicious ingredients, such as spices, nuts and sugar cane honey.

Madeira tartlets, made from fresh ricotta, are also very famous.
Natural fruit juices, such as passionfruit, papaya, guava, mango and lemon juices, constitute delicious drink options, as well as the famous “poncha”, made with white rum, bee honey and lemon.

The various sorts of Madeira Wines, are a truly historical heritage, which can be enjoyed served as aperitifs or along with your main course.

Come and enjoy Madeira typical dishes, which will undoubtedly turn your holiday into an unforgettable experience. 
Add our exquisite aromas and flavours to the pleasure of socialising!